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Chapters & Task Forces Leaders

Solar Business Club's Structure

Solar Business Club's Secretariat is operated by Solar Business Group LLC based in Sharjah, UAE, and its major tasks consist on administrative, organizational & logistics aspects of functioning of The Club. 

Our Regional Headquarters are based respectively: 

  • for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya 

  • for Asia in Shanghai, China

  • for Australia in Sydney, Australia 

  • for Europe in Le Bourget du Lac, France 

  • for Latin America in Sao Paulo, Brazil 

  • for North America, Boston, USA & Calgary, Canada

  • for South Asia in New Delhi & Bangalore, India

Solar Business Club's Structure is divided into Chapters & Cross-Chapter Task Forces:

  • Geographic: Regional & National Chapters

  • Thematic Chapters: 

    • CleanTech Disruption Chapter (CDC)

    • CleanTech & Financial Leaders Chapter​ (CFLC)

    • H2H & Solar Business Lifestyle Chapter (H2H)

  • Cross-Chapter Task Forces 

Respectively to Solar Business Club's Membership Rules, every Full, Premium & Elite Member can join and take active part in activities of the above Chapters & Task Forces accordingly to her/his interest. 

The Club also features its High-Level "Chairpersons, CEOs & Executive Enclave" exclusively reserved to Premium & Elite Members: Founders & Owners of Solar & CleanTech Companies as well as C-Level Executives in these companies.

As a Private Membership Club, Solar Business Club will always be keeping its independent status, thus all businesses that will arise through and/or thanks to The Club will be set up & run as independent entities. 

*You can learn more about Membership Rules & Benefits here

Global & Regional Offices

Secretariat Team

Role in Solar Business Club Secretariat

Vision Streamliner 

Founder & CEO

Tomasz Slusarz

Role in Solar Business Club Secretariat

Co-ordination of Partnerships & Key Memberships

Co-ordination of Solar Artists Innitiative 

VP Partnerships & Membership

Alicja Vandenabeele

Role in Solar Business Club Secretariat

Co-ordination of African Office in Nairobi, Kenya

Co-ordination CleanTech & Hospitality Leaders Special Task Force

Project Manager Africa & Middle East

Stella Wangari

Role in Solar Business Club Secretariat

Co-ordination of Brazil & LATAM Office in Sao Paulo

Co-ordination of Empowering Leaders Initiative

Project Director Brazil & LATAM

Weslei Vianna

Role in Solar Business Club Secretariat

Project Assistance in SBC for Brazil & LATAM

Project Assistant Brazil & LATAM

Juliana Oliveira

Role in Solar Business Club Secretariat

Co-ordination of Financial & Administrative Tasks

Financial & Administrative Director

Claudia Lukovskayya

Nossa eNewsleter

Parceiro Visionário

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