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Leading The World's Transformation

Masterplan 2019-2030

Though some of The Leaders and Their Companies / Organizations are competitors, they all understand that we are at the Tipping Point for our Solar & CleanTech industries, and that we will be facing an exponential growth driven by technology disruption - thus nobody alone will be able to satisfy this exponentially growing demand.

On the contrary, they will be able to “get the most” from this exciting but also challenging disruption period by partnering and working together with The Leaders with similar spirit and visionary DNA.

2019-2020: Pre Tipping Point Era

  • Building SBC Structure (Thematic Territorial Chapters and Task Forces

  • Initiating "The Joint Strategy 2030"  and respective 2019/2020 Agenda towards "The Joint Strategy 2030" featuring Chairmen & CEOs Enclaves to anticipate CleanTech Disruption

  • Focus on "Financing CleanTech Disruption" under "CleanTech & Financial Leaders Chapter

    • Exploring new financial business models & instruments 

    • Building H2H relationships with The Leaders of Financial & Investors Community

    • Organization of: 

    • Sharing The Vision: "Financing CleanTech Disruption" Sessions & Debates at the major Expos & Conferences

    • Concept Development of CleanTechCoin - Virtual CleanTech Market Ecosystem Instrument 

  • Focus on "Disruptive CleanTech Technologies and Convergence of Disruptions" under "CleanTech Disruption Chapter":

    • Exploring new "converged" disruptive solutions and business models

    • Building H2H relationships with The Leaders of other disruptive industries 

    • Creation of SBC CleanTech StartUP Hub

    • Creation of SBC Quality Seal

    • Organization of Global CleanTech Disruptors Annual Summits - Driving Technology Convergence

    • Sharing The Vision: "CleanTech Disruption" Sessions & Debates at the major Exhibition & Conferences

  • Easing & Accelerating Disruption: ​​

    • Spreading Exponential-Growth Mindset amongst Industry Leaders

    • Empowering Leaders: 

      • Creation of SBC Global MBA Leadership Program ​and organization of Global CleanTech StartUP Summits & Workshops

      • Online Platform and Live Training Sessions ​

    • Internal Communication & Exchange Tools: 

      • Private ​VIP Communicator 

      • Knowledge Hub (on a basis of Solar Business TV)

      • B2B Area (Business opportunities)

    • Assisting Emerging Markets & Economies in Exploring CleanTech Disruption Opportunities 

    • Promoting "Solar Business Lifestyle = Business + Meaningfulness + Joy" & H2H Business Culture

2021-2022: Tipping Point Era

  • "The Joint Strategy 2030" launched at Dubai Expo 2020, becomes the industry roadmap & guidlines

  • Implementation of new financial models & instruments ("CleanTech & Financial Leaders Chapter")

  • Erecting of new businesses: JVs, Business Partnerships and new disruptive business structures & solutions:

    • between Members ​and their companies 

    • between Members & Utilities and Energy Companies

  • Contributing to CleanTech Disruption on Emerging Markets & Economies

  • Introduction of CleanTechCoin

  • Exponential-Growth Mindset becomes a mainstream 

  • Both Solar Business Lifestyle & H2H Business Culture become mainstream 

2023-2030:  After Tipping Point Era

Leading CleanTech Disruption and The World's Transformation

Towards "The Joint Strategy 2030"

The Joint Strategy 2030

Accordingly to Masterplan 2019 - 2030 and following “green light “given by SBC Chairmen & CEO Global Enclave’s held in Shanghai in June 2019, Solar Business Club will shape “The Joint Strategy 2030” under leadership of respective SBC Chapters & Task Forces Leaders and in close Partnership with the Industry Leaders and Leaders of International, Regional and National Industry Associations. 

The Goal is to Strategize Industry Common Vision 2030 and respective Action Plan in order to Anticipate CleanTech Disruption considering Technology, Financial & New Business Models Aspects as well as Convergence of Disruptions in Other Industries (Associated Clean Technologies, IT and Digitalization or Artificial Intelligence). 

Thus, Solar Business Club Agenda 2019/2020 towards "The Joint Strategy 2030" features: 

  1. Solar Business Club "Flagship" Summits held worldwide and accompanied by VIP Black-Tie Galas covering financial & technology aspects and focusing on: 

    • Financial aspects: FROM BILLION$ TO TRILLION$ Financing CleanTech Disruption Summits

    • Technology aspects: Global CleanTech Disruptors Summit, Global CleanTech StartUP Summit & Workshops, Global Equipment & Materials Suppliers Strategy Summit, Global Agro PV Leaders Summit and more

  2. Solar Business Club Chairmen & CEOs Enclaves held worldwide and often accompanied by VIP Dinners or Business Lunches covering business strategy aspects


“The Joint Strategy 2030” will also be presented in 45 Minutes Length Film “From Billion$ To Trillion$ - Anticipating CleanTech Disruption” produced during the above events, and locations at The Most Disruptive Solar & CleanTech Companies.

The Film will be Premiered at Dubai Expo 2020 and is planned to be aired on Discovery Channel. 


Learn in 100 seconds about
Financing CleanTech Disruption 
Financing CleanTech Disruption 

Accordingly to Masterplan 2019 - 2030, Financial Aspects are tackled at “FROM BILLION$ TO TRILLION$: Financing CleanTech Disruption Summits (FBTT)” held around the World, where over 1200+ Solar & Cleantech Leaders unite with the Leaders of Financial & Investor Community as well as Political Decision Makers, to explore opportunities related to the exponential growth of solar, battery storage, electric vehicles, hydrogen, smart energy & other clean technologies.

While building Human to Human (H2H) relationship we work “hand by hand” on financial instruments & business models to scale up cleantech investments FROM BILLION$ TO TRILLION$.

We Kicked-Off FROM BILLION$ TO TRILLION$ on 4 & 5 March 2019 in Palazzo Versace Dubai and now we are coming to Sao Paulo to help Latin American Nations in becoming Beneficiaries or even The Drivers of The World’s Transformation.  

Worldwide Summits 


SBC CleanTech StartUp Hub

The second wave of CleanTech Disruption will be driven by disruptive technologies and convergence of disruptions with other Disruptive Industries (e.g. AI, IoT, Blockchain … ). 


Thus, Following SBC Masterplan 2019-2030, Solar Business Club sets a Task Force under its CleanTech Disruption Chapter (CTC) aiming at creation of SBC CleanTech StartUP Hub which will be helping its Members to get first hand investment opportunity in pre-selected StartUPs & Disruptive Technologies, thus giving them competitive advantage and help accelerating their growth.

Kick-Off Meeting at INES 2019


SBC Global MBA Leadership Program

The second wave of CleanTech Disruption will be marked by an exponential growth of Solar & CleanTech Industries that will challenge its Leaders in quick finding appropriate/ trusted “helping hands” amongst future leaders to help them in driving their companies


As our industries will not be able to satisfy growing demand for those “helping hands” internally, we will need to bring such leaders from outside of our industries. 


Following SBC Masterplan 2019-2030, Solar Business Group sets Solar Business Club Global CleanTech MBA Leadership Program which will be helping its Members but also the whole industry in bringing such future leaders to the market. 


Those future leaders shall be educated/ trained to be able to work in exponentially growing but also disruptive environment, allowing their immediate insertion/ adaptation into this dynamic market. 


MOU with Woosuk University, South Korea

Solarizing Universities Worldwide

SBC Leaders at Unoeste University, Brazil

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